RT PCR Report Download – Get your Test Report Status Online Now

If you are an Indian citizen looking for information on how to get the RT PCR Report Download Online, you have come to the correct place. The Indian government has mandated the RT PCR test as a prerequisite for medical treatment for anybody who exhibits symptoms consistent with corona. With the assistance of all states, the government of India has launched a new website with the URL www.covid19cc.nic. Simply going to the website now will allow anyone from every state to get the PDF version of the RT PCR Test Report online. Read the article to get complete information.

RT PCR Report Download

Visit www.covid19cc.nic.in to get a copy of your online Test Report for the Coronavirus if you are one of the many persons who have sent a nose sample to the laboratory.  

Download your test report to determine whether or not you have a positive result. The methods that are necessary to get the RT PCR Report Download test report is mentioned at the bottom of this post, where we have described them below. To see the complete details, please scroll down.

RT PCR Report Download Instructions

  1. To get RT PCR Report online, install the app from Play Store or iOS App Store.
  2. After installing, type your mobile number.
  3. This page will prompt you to verify your number and accept the terms.
  4. After some time, the OTP will get sent to the mobile number you provided.
  5. After typing the OTP, you are allowed to use the app.
  6. Choose the “Add a New Patient” option.
  7. You need to fill out the form, which will ask for several pieces of personal information from you, including the number on your Aadhaar card, among other details.
  8. You need to give answers concerning health-related queries.
  9. Once you have completed the form, tap the “Submit” button.

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RT PCR Report Download – Get your Test Report Status Online Now

RT PCR Report Download

All information on COVID-19 testing in India may be found at www.icmr.gov.in.

  1. To see RT PCR Report online, visit report.icmr.org.in
  2. Then tap the link labeled “COVID-19 TEST REPORT”.
  3. After entering your registered phone number from the time of sample collection into the COVID-19 Report Portal and clicking the “Get OTP” button, a one-time password will get sent to your phone.
  4. You will get asked to choose “Verify & Proceed” after typing the OTP. After that, you will get presented with a list including your Name, Age, and Gender and a column labeled Action.
  5. To check the COVID-19 test result, go to the “Action” and select the “History”. It will bring up a window that displays your SRF ID, the sample collection and testing dates, the kind of test, and the outcome.

How To Download RT PCR Report Status Online Now?

RT PCR Report Download By use of a Mobile Phone:

  1. Navigate to the “View Forms” option and click on it.
  2. Next, you may choose the day and time which you filled on the form.
  3. You will be able to see your SRF forms in PDF format when you have tapped the SRF forms that you want to examine. To see one of the SRF forms, click the form you want to look at.
  4. You can now download the form.

RT PCR Report Download By use of a website:

  1. Visit the website at www.covid19cc.nic.in.
  2. You’ll need a User ID, a password, and a captcha to sign up.
  3. Next, input your phone number and the OTP sent to it.
  4. At the same time, PDF will be available to download.

If you have any questions about RT PCR Report Download, leave it in comments.

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The COVID-19 PCR test has a very high level of accuracy; nevertheless, how accurate is it?

Since it amplifies genetic material, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) may effectively identify a fraction of the Coronavirus genetic material present in a sample. The sensitivity and precision of PCR are both relatively high. It is possible to diagnose SARS-CoV-2 with an accuracy of around one hundred percent.

How can a quick diagnosis of COVID-19 be obtained?

Rapid diagnostic testing, often known as RDT, is a method that may identify viral proteins (antigens) associated with the COVID-19 virus by examining a sample taken from a person’s respiratory tract. The CDC has sanctioned its use, which guarantees a prompt and reliable diagnosis.

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